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Radiology Research Alliance (RRA)

RRA Awards

RRA Research Innovation and Leadership Award:

This award will honor an AUR member who is a visionary and made significant contributions to advance radiology research, innovation, leadership, mentorship and growth of RRA. Nominations will be sought by the RRA Awards Committee (annually) and a decision will be made and forwarded to the RRA Executive Committee for final approval. The RRA President will present the award during the AUR Annual Meeting to the recipient.

  • 2015 Robert F. Mattrey, MD
  • 2014 Donald P. Harrington, MD
  • 2013 N. Reed Dunnick, MD

Radiology Research Alliance (RRA) New Investigator Award:

This award recognizes a promising new investigator. A plaque will be awarded at the AUR Annual Meeting during the Wednesday luncheon.  Click here for additional information.

  • 2015 Vikas Gulani, MD, PhD
  • 2014 David M. Schuster, MD