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Junior Membership Requirements

(Dues: $60 per year)


  • All trainees in ACGME-approved radiology residency programs or fellowship or radiology faculty in the first two years of their first faculty appointment will be eligible for junior membership.
  • The status of the nominees must be verified by department chairs for junior faculty or by program directors for residents and fellows.

Election to Junior Membership

  • When verified by the Chair (junior faculty) or by the Program Directors (residents and fellows), the nominees will be elected to the AUR at the direction of the President of the AUR.

Eligibility for Junior Membership

  • Junior members will retain their junior status until the conclusion of their residency or fellowship training or for the first two years of faculty status, whichever is applicable. At that time, junior members will be eligible for full membership under Section I. Junior membership status will be maintained while the nominee is considered for full membership status.

Privileges of Junior Membership

  • Junior members may attend the annual business meeting but will not be eligible to vote.
  • Junior members may serve on committees.
  • Junior members have free membership in Alliance of Clinician-Educators in Radiology (ACER), the Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology (AMSER), Radiology Alliance of Health Services Research (RAHSR), and the Radiology Research Alliance (RRA).