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2016 Stauffer Award

The Stauffer Award commemorates the work of Dr. Herbert M. Stauffer who made contributions to the field of radiology and established the Radiology-Physiology Laboratory at Temple University in Philadelphia.

All papers published in Academic Radiology during 2015 are eligible and will automatically be considered for the 2016 Stauffer Award. Please note that the 2015 Memorial and Whitley Award winners are ineligible for the Stauffer Award.

The Stauffer Award will be conferred in three categories annually:

  • The Best Basic Science Paper
  • The Best Clinical Paper
  • The Best Education Paper

Papers published in Academic Radiology will be judged for excellence by panels in each category. One award in each category will be given to the author of the most outstanding work. Each prize consists of an award of $1,000 and an inscribed plaque. Winners will be notified in January 2016. The awards will be presented at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Association of University Radiologists in San Diego, California, March 29 - April 1, 2016.

Academic Radiology is the official journal of the Association of University Radiologists, the Society of Chairs of Academic Radiology Departments, the Association of Program Directors in Radiology, American Alliance of Academic Chief Residents in Radiology, Alliance of Clinician-Educators in Radiology, Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology, Radiology Alliance for Health Services Research, and Radiology Research Alliance. General instructions to contributors are available in issues throughout the year as “Guidelines for Authors,” at the Academic Radiology Website at or write to:

Academic Radiology Editorial Office
University of Pennsylvania
3600 Science Center, Suite 370
3600 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

For more information, contact Flora F. Cauley at (215) 662-2028.

Past Stauffer Award Winners

2015 Linda A. Deloney
Siva P. Raman
Rebecca E. Thornhill
2014 Fernando Arias-Mendoza
Katherine C. Frederick-Dyer
Tracy Onega
2013   Ho Yun Lee
Woong Jae Lee
Issa Rezek
2012 Vignesh A. Arasu
Wei Cao
Jonelle M. Petscavage
2011 Thomas Fischer
Naishadh A. Shah
Ying Xiao
2010 Nobuo Kobayashi
Matthew Freedman
Jonathan H. Chung/Roberta M. Striger
2009 Barton F. Branstetter, IV
Francois Pontana
Harish Poptani
2008 Barton F. Branstetter, IV
Satoshi Hirasawa
2007 Greg Avey
R. Blaine Easley
Ingrid Ganske
2006 Sean B. Fain
Elizabeth Bullitt
Cheri L. Canon
2005 Eugenio Alberdi
Olivier Lucidarme
Teddy Su
2004 Katarina Borowska-Matwiejczuk
John F. Meinel, Jr.
2003 C. Mello-Thoms
J. K. Tajik
2002 P. Reittner
R.W. Katzberg
2001 S.L. Fossheim
S. Kawamoto
2000 K.C.P. Li
Y. Jiang
1999 K.H. Zou
D.D. Dorfman
1998 H. Roehrig
J.O. Ford
1997 T.K.P. Egglin
N. Khilnani
1996 E.M.T. Smit
D.R. Vera
1995 M.L. Giger
B. Gewiese
1994 A.J. Evans
Y. Du
1993 H. Naito
Y. Ni
1992 D.G. Mitchell
H.G. Chotas
1991 M.J. Fisher
N. Lundbom
1990 B.S. Garra
D. Piwnica-Worms
1989 M.A. Pozniak
G.J. Becker
1988 A.J. Cousin
H.D. Sostman
1987 K.S. Berbaum
R.W. Katzberg
1986 R.F. LeVeen
R.G. Swensson
1985 M.J. Potel
S.E. Seltzer
1984 P. Probst
K.H. Gerber
1983 R. Slutsky
C.B. Higgins
1982 G. Revesz
J.H. Anderson
1981 D.C. Levin
R.A. Brown