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AUR R&E Foundation Ethics and Professionalism in Radiology Grant: To improve patient care, to improve patient safety, and to promote social responsibility in medical care and practice, by providing funding opportunities for the study and teaching of ethics and professionalism in radiology.

AUR R&E Foundation Venture Fund for Affinity Groups: Purpose: To support and invest in the missions of the respective AUR Affinity Groups, and to promote collaborative projects among Affinity Groups. Innovative projects are to be proposed by individuals through the AUR Affinity Groups, with the aim of addressing stated needs of one or more of those groups.

RSNA/AUR/APDR/SCARD Radiology Education Research Development Grant: Purpose: To encourage innovation and improvement in health sciences education by providing research opportunities to individuals in pursuit of advancing the science of radiology education.

AUR/RSNA Education Scholar Grant: RSNA and the Association of University of Radiologists have collaborated on a joint award beginning in 2013. This co-sponsored Education Scholar Grant will leverage funds to support additional projects in radiology education.